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We warmly invite for:

European Congress of Home Education Families

We also invite all sympathizers and those who plan such a form of education.

This year's congress will be an international. We invite families from other European countries to participate. During the meeting, the newly established organization - TENHE (The European Network of Home Education) will hold meetings simultaneously.

The congress will be held on: July 30th - August 5th
in Ośrodek Szkoleniowo - Wypoczynkowy PCK in Sława(The PCK Training and Recreation Center in Sława),
ul. Odrodzonego Wojska Polskiego 23(street address)

(Location on the map).

The city of Sława is located on the largest in the region Sławskie Lake, an area of 817 ha. From the Lake the city is surrounded by a beautiful park of about 30 ha. There are a lot of nature monuments there. The Sława Lake is an ideal place for sailors, where each year nationwide regattas take place. The Sława Lake District has been acknowledged to be the bird sanctuary of an international importance by The International Ornithological Organization.

During the congress we plan:

WORKSHOPS: educational meetings prepared by home education families. Anyone who has a passion in a given field of science, has some achievements and wants to share it with others, has the possibility to present his/her workshop (after previous submission of the topic for discussion in a marked area in the registration form and after contacting an organizer).

SPORTS ACTIVITIES: holidays and movement go hand in hand, so why don’t we try to encounter in international competitions of home educators?

LECTURES AND DISCUSSIONS: There will be an opportunity to learn how home educators work in other countries, what ideas they have on education and how they cope with difficulties. There will be an opportunity to ask questions. You can also submit topics for discussion.

We are also planning other attractions: a campfire, a special guest, an individual use of the kayaks, pedal boats, going for walks and tours, watching the birds ...

The meeting has an integrational, informative, educational and recreation goal. In other words, the idea is to get to know and learn from each other, in ways that will benefit our homeschooling in the future.

Preliminary congress plan:

Registration is required, using the form below:
Registration Form

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